I know marketing can be confusing.

It can feel like a stab in the dark, a huge risk on your money and your time.

I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way. 


I am on a mission to mix it up and change things. To help you to bring your 'A' game so you can consistently delight your customers. Why? Because as a wedding business this is super important. Your customers are a transient bunch and the word of mouth factor is invaluable to you.  




You've got a captive audience of people eager to learn, be excited and to invite you into their world so it's time to start creating awesome customer experiences.

You are driven by passion, excitement and creativity. THIS is why you do what you do. And now it is time to start sharing that energy with your customers EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

If you are a wedding business who feels a little lost and overwhelmed, unconfident and a little bit generic. That time is over!


The key to being interesting, is to be interested. Show your passion. 


It’s time to go deep people. Remember why you are doing what you are doing. What makes you so great. Your story. 

You need passion and excitement because this is what we are going to capture, socially style and then infuse into your brand and your business before sprinkling it out into the world to help you attract more of your ideal customers.


The Result = You get to do more of the work you

LOVE to do and make more money doing it. 

Let's re-frame the way we look at marketing. 


Contrary to popular belief MARKETING IS NOT...

advertising, promotions, social media and events... and it certainly isn't just an activity you do on the side, as an after thought. 


Marketing is all about the customer experience. 


...from how your business feels to your customer, to the way it sounds, looks, smells and acts. Every interaction you have with your customer forms part of your marketing. 

And this is where it gets interesting (and fun!) 


Your job is not to persuade people to buy from you,

instead it is to understand your customer

and then create something meaningful that they love. 


In socially styling your business you become story-tellersmoment makers and dream creators

Once you realise and start to take action on this subtle yet monumental point, I promise the marketing side of your business will fall into place and feel a whole lot easier. SO you can spend less time faffing and more time being the business owner you want to be. This unique task requires unique skills, find out why I am qualified to help you


If you want to hustle with heart and have fun whilst making money... step this way and sign up for Style Notes