Socially Styling your Brand: Getting started - Part 1

Small business owners often leap head-first into the aesthetics of their brand, completely ignoring and neglecting both the fundamentals and a crucial step in the journey - the personality.  

Whether you need to rejuvenate your existing brand or you are a newbie starting from scratch. This mini blog series is here to help you navigate your way through.

We will be giving your brand a personality by covering who you are, what you do and who you do it for

In part 1, we are starting with 'Who you are'...

Play along with me here, grab a piece of paper or open a new page on your laptop. Write down all of the words you would use to describe your business if it were a person. Really.

If your business was a living, breathing, talking human being...what would it be like? What characteristics would he/she have? 

Here are a few words to get you started - 

Happy, friendly, innovative, intelligent, crazy, quirky, stylish, cool, eclectic, traditional, rustic, loud, brash, quiet, unassuming, talkative, understated, funny, witty, serious, calm, thought-proving, opinionated, challenging, confident, headstrong, soft, cuddly, fashionable, logical, pretty, gorgeous, feminine, masculine???? 

Write down as many words as you can think of and don't be afraid to ask the opinions of friends and family too.

The thesaurus is your best friend in this exercise. The process works best when you develop and edit, add and delete over a few days. Let it marinate and then revisit it, until finally you have a maximum 4-6 words which describe the person that is now your brand. 

Congratulations! THIS is your starting point and the first step to Socially Styling your business.  

*If you need more help, my Socially Styling Your Brand workbook will be available to download very soon - sign-up at the end of this post.*

I have to add that depending on where you are in your business journey, this can be extended upon. For example, if you have an established brand but you feel it needs rejuvenating, it is worth doing the exercise for your brand as it currently is and what you would like it to be in the future. If you are just starting out then it is about what you aspire for your new brand to be. 


The next step is to start to get to grips with your brand personality by looking at your values and goals.

values: What does your brand stand for?

If you are struggling with this one, I often find the answer can be found by delving into the reason why you started the business in the first place. And if that doesn't help then try thinking about what you WILL and WON'T do as a business, as this can bring you closer to defining what you stand for. Again focussing you on the core values of your business. 


goals: What are you trying to achieve?

Once you decide where you want to be, then why not take your customers on that journey with you? If you are aiming for world peace through your business, let your customer know this, I'm sure they'll want to come along for the ride. If they have the same goals, then BAM you're on your way to creating your community. 

By giving your business a personality, you are starting to create brand.  This is what you can then use to go out into the world and start having some fun.

Sometimes when we think about branding and styling, initial thoughts turn to logos, colours and tag-lines. This makes me want to shout 'Sloow yoour rooll!'.    

You absolutely MUST look inside your business and work on developing what the personality is before you can start to construct how the outside looks and feels. 

Working through the above points will help a great deal in clarifying WHO YOU ARE, ensuring that when you get to it, the visual representation of your business will marry up to the customer's experience of you.  AND then and only then do you have a brand. 

This is why the Social Styling method takes an inside out approach. I want to dive deeper into behind the scenes of your business . Hell-bent on ensuring the visual is a true representation of your brand and everything you want it to be. Why?

Because this helps you attract your IDEAL customers and do more of the work you love. 

So this been a taster of getting to grips with 'who you are'. If you'd like more help with working through the process and organising your thoughts, be sure to register for the *Socially Styling Your Brand workbook which will be available to download for FREE very soon*

If you have any questions, thoughts or musings, don't be shy, I'd love to hear from you. Pop them in the comments below, join me on social media or use good old email