What is Social Styling?

Fashion is about dressing according to what is fashionable. Style is about being yourself
— Oscar De La Renta

Social styling is one of my favourite things along with coffee, chocolate, Chinese food, the Netflix series Orange is the New Black, summer and a good gin and tonic... seriously it is up there with the best.

So what exactly is this Social Styling I talk of and more importantly what can it do for your business?

Ok, get comfortable. Let's dive in... 

Social Styling involves taking a holistic view of your business. It is a way of developing/rejuvenating/refreshing (delete as appropriate) your brand, by putting consistently creating awesome customer experiences at the heart of everything you do. 

By looking inside your business, together we explore your core values and what makes you, well, you.

And if it is sounding a tad fluffy so far, it really isn't.

Without it, your brand will fall flat and not deliver the results you want.

The method will form the backbone of everything else you do in business. From the aesthetics of your brand - the look, feel and design. Along with the internal processes that you undertake in order to get shit done. 

Social styling is about injecting fun into what you do, whilst uncovering ways you can make your customers feel super special in a way that suits your brand. 


So, what's your personality? 

Developing your brand personality is the first step in Socially Styling your biz.  

EVERY BUSINESS HAS A PERSONALITY - yes, some are as dull as dishwater and others positively shine.  And some are simply better at showing it off than others. 

In today's wedding market being social, personable and likeable is non-negotiable. 


To help get you started, join me in my mini 'Socially Styling your Brand: Getting started'  blog series. There'll be a free bonus download of the *Socially Styling Your Brand: Getting Started workbook coming soon*. Register to receive your copy and start your journey to brand greatness. 

If you have any questions, thoughts or musings, don't be shy, I'd love to hear from you. Pop them in the comments below, join me on social media or use good old email