Here's what people are saying about The Social Stylist... 


"I've had the chance to engage with Nicola during one of the most crucial times of my small business life - rebranding. For months, I attempted to go through the process without the help of a specialist, but I ended up feeling deflated as I figured out that there was something seriously wrong with the new rebrand but couldn't quite pinpoint what. It's at this point that Nicola came into my life and, quite literally, turned it around.
As dramatic as it sounds, when you are a solopreneur every business decision you make will have an impact on your life. Her help and support has therefore had a major impact on my business outlook and confidence. Through some serious tough love and her expertise she's helped me to refocus my branding efforts on my actual brand values and come up with a plan of attack to start reaching out to my ideal clients through a targeted content and marketing strategy. The process has lead to me restarting the branding process from scratch, mind-mapping my way through my core values and identify keywords that resonate with my clients, as well as rethinking my whole business approach. I'm now really enthused by the changes I've made following my sessions with Nicola and I can't wait for what it's lying ahead for my business." 
Elisabetta Cirulli, Linen and Silk Weddings  

"I firstly wanted to say thank you for your time and support, both when we had our power hour session and in your Facebook group. I can honestly say I have a much more organised and structured approach to my business as a result. The tools and knowledge you have shared has given me a real boost and I am already seeing so much more engagement with my brand and business (30% more Instagram followers in the last month!) 
With your help I have been able to identify exactly the sort of posts my clients want to read and on top of that it is helping me connect with other vendors that I want to work and collaborate with.
Blogging is no longer daunting as I've planned out my topics for the next 2 months and already have ideas for posts after that!" 
Amanda Hutchinson, Amanda Karen Photography 

"Nicola took the time to really understand my small business, especially the fact that I'd only recently started in addition to my time constraints of it being a second job. She gave me information to help me effectively move my business forward in the long term, as well as some short term quick fixes and tips. The Power Hour sessions gave me more focus and a firmer direction to follow - with definite areas to improve on. We zoned in on content creation in the sessions and I now understand the value of this in greater detail, I am still working on and implementing the tools and knowledge I gained. It has given me greater confidence in how to market a product, and also myself, to potential customers - which is invaluable! I would definitely recommend a session with Nicola, it is not only a useful learning experience but an enjoyable one too!" 
Andy Williams, Knotted

"I wanted to say an immense thank you for presenting at Wedding Planners Excellence Conference this year. The planners were utterly blown away by your presentation and were left buzzing with enthusiasm after your talk, all ready to start new social media campaigns! Many have already spoken to me about how they will put your advice into action. You were fabulous, thanks so much!
Bernadette Chapman, UK Alliance of Wedding Planners