2011 is the year I...

Source: flickr.com via Boya on Pinterest

... got married, woop woop! After a 19 month engagement the Mr and I tied the knot on a sunny spring Easter day surrounded by our nearest and dearest.

... started this blog...my newest love! The feedback BelleNoirBride has received so far has been fantastic. A massive thank-you for your support! I have big plans for BelleNoirBride in 2012 and I'm determined to make the mainstream wedding industry stand up and take notice that WE GET MARRIED TOO! Whilst continuing to build an online space for brides-to-be of colour.

... joined Twitter. Having failed to understand it for so long, I finally got my head around it and well and truly caught the Twitter bug. It has allowed me to meet and connect with some amazing people that otherwise I would never have known.

... decided to go natural. After years of relaxing my hair and a staunch belief that my natural hair was the ugliest thing ever, I have done a complete 360 and decided to embrace my natural kinks. It is still early days and I have only recently started transitioning (I'm about 10 weeks in) but I am already excited about my new hair journey.

... really realised that shit happens, but with the love of family & friends I can deal with anything.

Ever the optimist I am looking forward to what 2012 has to bring. I have lots of ideas swimming around my mind and I'm thinking that the future is looking pretty damn bright.

What were your 2011 moments and have you got any plans for 2012?