4 simple goals before 2013 & a birthday

One little birthday and the blogging schedule goes out the window. So in case you didn't know it was my birthday on Friday. I had a lovely weekend spent eating, drinking and being pampered.

Birthdays always make me a little reflective, believe me it doesn't take much, and having seen a post on the Beautiful Mess blog about 4 things to do before 2013 I thought it might be a nice way to mark my birthday on the blog.

I have a thing about not wasting time and therefore filling it with loads off stuff and so in my true OCD style this type of post appealed to me, massively.

So here are mine:

1, Learn how to use my DSLR camera and take better photos. 2, Blog more regularly. 3, Work on developing my spiritual self and increasing my sense of wellbeing through yoga and meditation. 4, To complete my evening course assignment at a steady pace.

In other news I am off on a much-needed girlie holiday to Ibiza! I cannot wait... I still have some treats for you over the coming week but I'm afraid it means things won't be getting 100% back to normal just yet.

X x