First Valentine's Day after baby...

Happy Valentine's day
Happy Valentine's day

The Mr and I are celebrating our 11th Valentine's Day together and our first post-baby.

We've never been big on Valentine's, but always marked it In some kind of way. I woke up this morning thinking about how different the day is now that the little lady is here. Here are my 5 ways Valentine's Day has changed...

1. It is achievement to buy each other a card let alone a gift. Says under her breath 'Our child is my gift to you!' ; )

2. Having grudgingly attended restaurants on this day in the past and partook in the cheesy sharing of a heart-shaped dessert, this suddenly becomes something that you'd actually quite like to do..and totally without the former embarrassment.

3. The Valentine's date becomes a lunch for 2 and a high chair...on Sunday! (watch this space to see where we end up, I'm being surprised!)

4. The sugar cravings induced by sleep deprivation means that any chocolate exchanged is devoured in moments rather than hours.

5. It becomes a day to remember not only love for the Mr, but love for baby girl too and our new little family. Aww!

Happy Valentine's Day y'all!

X x