It's my birthday...

Today is my birthday! And so I would like to go a little off piste, just for moment, to share something with you.

As I start my 31st year of being, it has made me come over all reflective about this new situation I currently find myself in. I feel so very blessed, as the last year has been the happiest of my life. I got to marry my Mr, and that alone makes me a very lucky girl. Getting married has defined my 30th year and for that it will always hold the best memories.

However, that is not my end all and be all and I don't believe it should be for anyone. My 30th year was also a time of reflection and discovery for me,  I found myself craving to do something different, to continue learning, growing and contributing in different ways. I have managed to turn these cravings into reality and now currently have a few things in the pipeline, one of which being this very blog, and the prospect of all this makes me very excited about the future.

One of my favourite bloggers is the very cool, Harlem from 'Harlem Loves'. She celebrated her 30th birthday a couple of weeks ago, and was kind enough to share a brilliantly thought-provoking post whereby at the age of 15 she had written a letter to her 30 year old self to be read on her 30th birthday - you can have a read of the post here. It is such a lovely idea and it really got me thinking about the future and inspired me to create my own version by writing to my 50 year old self.

I won't share the full letter here, but it was a really nice to take a moment to take stock and think about what the opportunities ahead over the next 20 years! Have any of you done anything similar, please feel free to share, I'd love to hear your thoughts.