A new look for BelleNoirBride


So as you can see I have been a busy bee in my absence from the blog and there have been a few changes on BelleNoirBride.  The new look is the first of the changes and I will reveal more about the others over the coming weeks.

I always said that at some point this year I would look at a mini-redesign of the blog as I felt it needed to evolve and grow. I knew I wanted a change but wasn't sure what that change would look like.

I have been following the Girl Does Geek blog since I saw Faye give a talk at the very first TOWIB event earlier in the year. Her blog is fab at making the technical stuff understandable. Having looked at her work on some of my fave blogs, I decided that she was the lady to spruce up BelleNoirBride.

The look has stayed true to its roots, keeping it pretty with beautiful images still playing their part.

I hope you like it!

X x

Image source via Pinterest