Baby BelleNoir update - month 1

BelleNoirBaby Monthly update 1

As part of the Baby Belle Noir side of the blog I'll be writing monthly updates on Mia-Rose as inspired by blogger Brittany of Clumps of Mascara . The updates will be in the form of letters and will be going into Mia's baby book and I thought it would be nice to share them on the blog.

*Mia is now 7 weeks but I hadn't had a chance to post this before now*

Dear Mia-Rose, Wow we made it to one month, where has the time gone. It has been a steep learning curve but worth every minute. You've changed so much already from the scrunched up, titchy tiny newborn with the big cry to a juicy baby who is packing on weight and is now a sumptuous 8lbs. Breastfeeding is going well, still so grateful to the midwives at the Queen Charlotte's Hospital who helped massively, you've gone from strength to strength and you are a little feeding machine.

You give your dad and I so much, your expressive face mesmerises us for hours. Everyone comments on how utterly beautiful you are, we are biased but you really are.

We've had our moments but we are taking it in our stride and embracing each day's joys and challenges with equal enthusiasm. You are keeping us on our toes, continuing to kick us into shape and regularly flipping the script with no room for complacency instead just a calm acceptance of our amazing journey.

I say a prayer of thanks every night that you are here and not a moment goes by when I don't appreciate the very privileged role I have as your mother.

I love that you know who I am, that your eyes follow me around the room and that your favourite place to be is lying on mine and your daddy's chests. You fix your eyes intently on those you meet and you are lifting your head inquisitively already keen to get to know the world around you.

It is your uncle's wedding on Saturday and you are the star attraction! Everyone can't wait to meet you. We'll be snapping way like crazy, and making wonderful memories.

Love you baby girl

Your mumma X x