Baby BelleNoir update – month 2

BelleNoirBaby Monthly update 2

Dear Mia-Rose, Ahh baby girl I feel like you've been here forever (in a good way of course ; )) you've really settled into a rhythm and your dad and I feel like we know you so much better now.

I've discovered that you like to party and you like music; you like mummy & daddy to dance around when they are holding you especially at night-time when you want to be moving around and don't let us sit down. You are now a very healthy 9lbs 3ozs and continuing to pack on the weight.

We had our ups and downs having you and I now know the true meaning of everything happening for a reason and God's timing always being right.

I feel blessed that I was able to do so much before you arrived, so I now feel as though I can truly give you my all. From the girlie holidays to the mad nights out, to far-flung trips with your dad, your mumma has had a fill and now enjoys every moment with you.

Love you, Your mumma

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