Balancing Act

Monday musing:


September is like the second New Year, schools are back, carnival has come and gone and thoughts are turning to new pencil cases and Autumn wardrobes full of chunky knits, new coats and boots (or is that just me?). It's the other time in the year when everything feels a bit new.

So as we speed through September it is all about to get a bit hectic around my way as the evening course I am doing re-starts for another term. Thankfully, it is my final module so the assignment will be due in December and then I'll be done. I always seem to take on extra studies and commitment myself to random things in a quest for self-improvement, but I have promised myself that will be it for now.

So between the day job, evening course and blogging I am going to be very busy indeed. I've promised myself I am going to be more organised this term and not leave everything to the last-minute like I usually do - famous last words.

To be honest I can't afford not to. The only thing is I have never been good at keeping everything ticking along when things get crazy but this time I want to perfect the art of juggling and try to keep all the balls in the air.

This post on Huffington Post seemed to make sense to me. I think I'll try to follow that philosophy and see how I go. How are you guys with balancing life, any tips?

The new Autumn wardrobe will be on the agenda too because there is always time to fit in a bit of shopping!

Image Source via Pinterest