Beautiful Ballet...

So Mr BelleNoir took me to the ballet on Friday night!!! It was my first time seeing a real-life performance and what a beauty it was. I have to admit that this gesture wasn't totally without a few hints from me, but I didn't think he was even listening let alone that he would actually act upon it, after all ballet completely isn't his thing.

Like many other little girls at the age of 5 years old I started taking ballet lessons, which I proceeded to take for next 6 years, despite the absolutely terrifying ballet teacher, I actually enjoyed them. I didn't make pointe or anything but I did do a couple of exams at the National School of Ballet at which I scraped a pass.

Misty Copeland       Source: Thefreetown.tumblr

Fast forward nearly 20 years and my 30 year old self decides to re-ignite my inner prima ballerina, so much to the amusement of my friends I started ballet lessons again.

Did I enjoy them? Yes I did! Had I got any better at them? Probably not! But I loved them all the same and it made me realise what a wonderful art ballet is. It requires so much discipline, focus and hard work, and taking the classes made me fully appreciate this fascinating dance form.

I took the course at the City Academy in the run-up to the wedding and it formed part of my pre-wedding mad crazy exercise regime (more about that in a later post). Ballet is different to any other exercise I do, and after a class I definitely felt the obligatory and hugely satisfying aches and pains, and noticed its leg toning abilities.

Around the time I was taking lessons ballet gained popularity, mainly due to premiere of Black Swan and this was followed by the BBC's mini series Agony & Ecstasy which showcased behind the scenes at the English National Ballet. Basically ballet received a popularity insurgence and wherever you looked it was all about the tights, tutus and pirouettes and I lapped it all up.

Mr BelleNoir told me to be free on Friday night and to meet him in Bow Street, Covent Garden. I still had no idea where we were going until I arrived, I then realised we were at the Royal Opera House!!! Eeek how excited was I!

To be continued...