Beauty: Holiday preparations


Yay it's September and I am going to Ibiza today! I am going on a girls holiday for 6 glorious days. I've not done Ibiza before but it has always been on my wish list so I am going for a pick-me up girlie holiday for a combination of closing parties, yoga and beach!

So along with the holiday countdown came my pre-holiday beauty routine, and it made me wonder if anyone else does this or is it just me???

This is my holiday prep:

Manicure - I went for Gelish, it's one of the gel manicures and is fab as it lasts for ages. A normal manicure lasts about a day on me so isn't even worth doing.There will be a post on this later in the week.

Pedicure - Gotta get those tootsies beach ready.

Waxing - I've got sensitive skin so it's all about the hot wax. It's like candle wax and they don't use strips. It's meant to be less painful although I'm not so sure and it seems to take twice as long but it is fantastic for those of us with sensitive skin.

Eyebrow threading - It's all about the eyebrow threading, I wouldn't consider anything else. Nuff said.

Hair braiding - As I am transitioning to natural hair, it is easier to put my hair away. That way I can go in the water and not worry about having to spend 3 hours that evening washing, detangling, styling and generally sorting it out.

Diet - In the past I'll do a no carbs diet for 2-3 weeks before I go on hols and go to the gym like crazy. I haven't had a flat stomach since I was about 15 but limiting carbs is a sure-fire way for me to get it as close is ever going to happen for me. But this time I'm not giving up carbs in fact I am eating pizza as I write this and have given up my gym membership cos' I really don't give a damn and my general wellbeing is more important to me than a flat tummy. That's what marriage does to you! lol!

Facial - Get my skin ready for the sun with a nice nourishing Dermologica facial. I try to take good care of my skin all the time, 2 litres of water a day, and lots of herbal teas, vegetables, and no fizzy drinks but in the run-up to a holiday I up the ante and introduce my magic smoothies for breakfast (I promise to share the recipe very soon).

Am I the only one who has such intense holiday preparations. Let me know ladies. What does your holiday prep consist of? Do you even have a holiday prep ritual?