Being married (a personal post)

Black History Month 31 #ourweddingday Apologies for the overly sentimental post...but today is our 1st wedding anniversary!!!

The first year as a married has been a roller-coaster of loveliness and craziness, and our anniversary month is proving to be one of our most emotional yet. A time I could not have got through without the ever-present Mr.

I honestly did not think that getting married would make that much difference to our lives. We were doing it to seal the deal, to involve our nearest and dearest and to celebrate. We had been together for 9 years and living together for 6. I knew all there was to know, the strange quirks, the necessary compromises, the good stuff and the not so good.

Following the honeymoon we were coming straight back to live in the flat we had always lived in, so other than a marriage certificate, some beautiful photos and awesome memories I presumed everything would remain exactly the same.

or so I thought....

It just felt different, more secure, more committed, more something. I'm not saying that it is all a bed of roses, but at least I know that whatever I face in the outside world, I come home to the sanctuary of us.

Happy anniversary Mr BelleNoir. X x

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