Branding your wedding day...

 Image Source via Pinterest

 Image Source via Pinterest

Please forgive me, the choice of words in the title is the marketer in me coming out. Let me explain what on earth I mean...

In essence it is about putting your stamp on your day. Some of you reading this post will think that I am absolutely mad, whereas if you are all about the detail you will know what I mean. When I say branding your day, I mean incorporating elements of you as a couple, and using this to help make an impression on your guests. I don't mean having life-size cut-outs of the 2 of you adorning the entrance to the venue or an aisle runner with your faces on it.

Instead it is about tying everything all together and creating an event that is very "you", and this is possible no matter what size your budget is.

Building on your theme you can inject your personality into proceedings. Using your favourite colours, music, places you've travelled, things you like to do, the list goes on and on.

In what ways will you be personalising your wedding?