Change is good...

Do more of what makes you happy
Do more of what makes you happy

So things are changing here on the blog...again i hear you cry, oh yes again! I always said that this blog would be a journey through life and as my life has changed in a pretty big way of late, it was inevitably going to impact on here.

I have been mulling this over in my head for ages. I had lost my blogging mojo and although I knew that there was a huge gap in the market and opportunity to be had in wedding blogging, it alone wasn't doing it for me. So I decided to disengage from all things social media, hibernate with my baby girl and basically take stock.

Recently my desire to blog started to return and the ideas I had been having suddenly started to come together. This all happened during a moment of clarity whilst doing one of many silly o'clock feeds. Upon waking up the following day I finally knew what I wanted to do.

I love weddings, but that isn't all I want to talk about and so the blog will be evolving into Belle Noir Loves, giving me the scope to talk about all the things I love. As a thirty something old, new mama this is my edit on everything from family to fashion, style, beauty, interiors and of course weddings.

I am currently in the middle of rebranding which should be ready soon-ish. I am not setting a deadline or a date as I don't even know myself but when the shiny new blog launches you will be the first to know, especially if you follow me on BlogLovin or Facebook ; )

The new URL will be and you won't be losing any of the BelleNoirBride content, it will be coming right on with me with the addition of more of the other stuff.

So thank-you for sticking by me and your continued support and I hope you will join me as I blog happily ever after and everything in between.

Love & light X x

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