Dealing with overwhelm

Vision bigger than schedule
Vision bigger than schedule

Since becoming a mummy my levels of productivity, ambition and desire have increased ten-fold. The irony is that at a time when I am the most busy I have ever been. I have never wanted to do so much.

But as a mum to a toddler, a wife, part-time employee and soon-to-be business owner there is only so much I can physically manage and only so fast I can go with progressing my plans.

In short...


In my case this leads to suffocating feelings of overwhelm.

It manifests itself in creative and productivity paralysis, rendering me unable to do very much, squeezing my self-esteem into submission and resulting in a big old crisis in confidence.

Dramatic I know, but that's me folks.

A few weeks ago a big dose of the overwhelm flu hit.

Wanting to do so much but lacking the time was causing me to worry about all the things I WANT / NEED/ absolutely MUST to do right now.

Following a few days of wallowing, I got a grip of myself and resolved to stop wasting time worrying. Instead channeling the energy it into getting shit done.

So, I started on the action that I had been avoiding and found I was not only more focussed but also more forgiving of myself. And do you know what? I got shit done and it felt good!

I know most of you have multiple commitments, where juggling is the name of the game and who also experience similar bouts of  overwhelm. So I thought I would reach out to some of my favourite coaches and all round fabulous ladies to get their tips for what to  when your vision is bigger than your schedule.

So without further ado here we go...

Danielle is The Clarity Architect. She helps ambitious entrepreneurs get super clear about their brand so they know what to focus on and when to achieve their desired goals.

"Whilst our vision at times can seem bigger than our schedule, the key thing to keep in mind is, not everything needs to be done right away. Reaching our desired goals is a process. A process that allows us to develop, grow and take things in steps and stages.

I truly believe that if you really want something, you will do everything within your power to get it. We can always adjust our schedule and spend time on the things that matter to us most, and will have the biggest impact.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to do, my number one tip would be to review how you’re spending your time. How much time is spent watching TV, on social media, reading magazines, surfing the web etc. Write down the number of minutes or hours per day, week and calculate a monthly figure.

Now of course we need some of these things in our lives, but the question to ask yourself is could that time be better spent elsewhere? If so, dedicate that time to your vision instead.

We can’t manage time, but we can manage ourselves to do the things that will bring us closer to our desired goals. The power to do so is within you."

Entrepreneur or budding entrepreneur? If you want to build your brand and grow your business join Danielle’s list.

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 Jen is an online business coach inspiring women all over the world to quit the rat race and start their own businesses at The Freedom Leap. She combines mindset and life coaching with business and marketing training to transform the lives and careers of her clients.

“When you're trying to juggle a million things at once - work, your business, relationships, children, housework etc - sooner or later something will slip - and the person who suffers most is you, because you'll likely beat yourself up for not being able to cope and feel guilty for letting others down.

My top tip is to brainstorm everything you feel you need to do and write it all out on paper; highlight the priorities; delegate what you can and leave the rest for later. Then, each week, pick 1-3 key actions for each area of your life to complete. For example, with your business setting up a meeting with a potential client and completing some client work around your other commitments. That's progress and you won't get frozen by procrastination and overwhelm!

And remember, "you can do anything, but not everything”..."

Join Jen over at the The Freedom Leap

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Gina is an author, work-life balance advocate and career coach. As part of her Limitless Coaching initiative she works with awesome women (and kick ass men) with untapped potential to accelerate their career and lifestyle goals whilst ensuring partners and family remain firmly in the picture.

When balancing so many things, feeling overwhelmed isn’t unusual so remember that:

  • You are not alone. Or strange. Or inept. Or not handling things.  If you have ambition, lots of goals and a big vision - that feeling of overwhelm hitting you like a wave is likely to be part of the journey at times. The key is not to panic if and when overwhelm hits you. Instead take a few deep breaths and recognise that you are amidst a tribe of people determined to work towards their dreams. That in itself is worth celebrating. *Exhale*.
  • Structure / planning is an incredible antidote to overwhelm. It's like it's kryptonite. Try (1) carving out regular times when hubby, a parent or any other support looks after your little one or (2) breaking down tasks into manageable chunks and dividing them across a few occasions. This activity means that everything feels more manageable. You know exactly what task you intend to do and if you don’t achieve one of these smaller goals you can identify what you need to catch up on, as opposed to thinking “I’m so behind on everything!”.
  • Work life balance isn’t about always being 50/50. If you set that expectation you’re setting yourself up to feel overwhelmed / disappointed in yourself! Instead, aim for ‘balance’ on your own terms. Sometimes that may be hugely careers focused. Sometimes it may be all about your family. Maybe sometimes it’ll be all about you (yoga retreat anyone?!). I’ve created a monthly tool to help you monitor where your current priorities giving you an easy way to set goals in different aspects of your life.
Access Gina's monitoring tool here.

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WOW!!! Fantastic advice and so many takeaways. I hope this has helped you as much as it helped me! Do let me know if you can relate.

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