Introducing Flowers from Fatima...

Flowers from FatimaFatima from Flowers from Fatima is a young business women with an interesting and inspirational story to tell. When did you start Flowers from Fatima and what's the story behind it? In December of 2009, shortly after the passing of my father who gave me inspiration for the foundation of the business. Many years ago, my father started a program in which our family planted flowers throughout our neighbourhood as a way of turning it around. My attraction to flowers flourished, as gardening became more of a hobby for me. I began to play with the flowers and before anyone could imagine, I began plucking the garden flowers for my hair. The seed for Flowers From Fatima was planted soon after.

How would you describe your products?

Ethereal. Elegant. Naturally beautiful.

You definitely have a signature style, how did you come up with this? Thank you! My style is just a reflection of the divine beauty that is reflected within Mother Nature.

What inspires you? I am inspired daily by hope, love, positive energy, and Mother Nature.

What are your plans for the future? Flowers From Fatima will be on an even greater level than it is now. With all of the love and dedication that I put into it, the faith that all others put into my dream, and the wonderful customers that I have had up until this point, Flowers From Fatima will continue to flourish. I plan to expand my reach and have my product carried in major retail stores. Hopefully, I'll be able to gain enough support to be able to contribute to the blossoming of young girls after me through positive programs such as the one that my father started.

You have been involved in the wedding industry for a while, what have you done? Yes, I have had the wonderful opportunity of designing special pieces for brides, such as wrist corsages and hair accessories, since the founding of Flowers From Fatima! I have designed a few bouquets in years prior to the start of Flowers From Fatima, and hope to expand in that area of my business, in the near future.

What advice would you give to other young budding businesswomen? My motto is: Positive thinking = positive outcomes. The mind is powerful. No matter how difficult or impossible the dream may appear, KNOW that you can succeed and you will! If you are unwavering in determination, you are unstoppable.

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