Choosing your wedding stationery

Stationery is a must-have for your wedding, there is no getting around the fact that your guests need to be told where to go and when to be there. It is up to you how you decide to approach your wedding stationery, whether you see it is an area for you to unleash your creativity, or a part of budget where you can save some money. Vaishali of Ananya Cards has kindly agreed to guest post on BelleNoirBride to help you to navigate through the world of wedding stationery....over to you Vaishali.

Choosing Your Wedding Stationery When it comes to choosing your wedding stationery there are three options to choose from to make the most effective use of your budget and time. You can consider purchasing ready-made off the shelf stationery, having it professionally made or even ‘doing-it-yourself’ (DIY).

For off the shelf wedding stationery, all you would need to do is select the design and style of the wedding invitations that suit you and buy them. So if the budget is tight this could be an option to consider. However, remember to buy an extra 10% cards at the outset for any last-minute guests or mistakes made while writing out the invitations because it’s possible that you may not find more cards of your design later on.

If, however, you are keen to create a more unique and personalised mood for the wedding day, then you might want to look at the DIY route. Heading down to your local arts and crafts store can provide you with plenty of inspiration. Creating that personal touch is sure to give you a sense of satisfaction. If you have your own laser or ink jet printer then you could print the cards, saving you money.

An important factor to consider before you dive into DIY wedding stationery is time. You may also discover that by the time you have bought and put all the components together, financially you are no better off than having them designed professionally.

Your third option is to have your invitations made by a professional wedding stationery designer. Professional stationers will ensure there is uniformity across all stationery to give it a sense of cohesion. They can offer you many choices to create the WOW factor and it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, e.g. with creative use of fonts, colours, textures and limiting the use of fancy, costly embellishments. If you require a larger quantity of wedding stationery then having them made professionally would be the most economical option.

Whatever route you take, remember that your wedding invitation is the first glimpse that will set the stage for the tone and quality of your wedding. Wow your guests from the outset!

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