Decisions, Decisions...

By the time I had finished planning my wedding I came to the conclusion that wedding planning is one great big fat decision making journey. Never before had I encountered so many decisions that needed to be made at one time! Luckily (I think), I had an engagement of just over 18 months, and so had plenty of time to research, research and research some more, consequently I was able progress decision at a time, and as the queen of procrastination this was indeed a very good thing.

As a bride-to-be you will be making choices on everything ranging from dresses, to caterers, dates, venues, napkins, colours, flowers and the list goes on. My advice is to embrace the madness and go with the flow. Make lists of what you need to do and and take pleasure in ticking them off. I promise you as your style and your ideas of what you do and don't like develop, the decisions will get easier!

BelleNoirBride X x