Hen do & party inspiration - Vintage Teatime (pt 2)

I just had to do another post Vintage Teatime, as there were far too many pretty images to keep to myself! This time I took the chance to find out more about Salina, the lady behind Vintage Teatime.

Baby shower Vintage Tea Party by Vintage Teatime How did you come up with the idea for Vintage Teatime? The idea for Vintage Teatime came to me after I had to cancel a beautiful afternoon tea at a high end Mayfair hotel for my birthday. I then started planning one at home. As I kept sourcing the vintage china and loving it, my collection was too big for a party at home. I began to think about how other people might like a tea party at home rather than going to a high end hotel where they had to be quiet and reserved. I literally decided there and then that I was going to start a mobile tea party company.

Some of your afternoon tea menus are quite unusual, how do you come up with them? My menus mean so much to me, it takes me weeks to come up with cake and food combinations I think customers will love. I do a great deal of research, testing on myself or family before putting a menu on my website. It means allot to me that I'm serving a quality product, which is why I use organic, fairtrade and free range ingredients.

Cupcakes Pop Up Vintage Fair by Vintage TeatimeWhat inspires you? I'm inspired by pretty things, quality in all things, good food, vintage from the 20's through to the 70's, people who think outside the box, scrumptious cakes and all that I have yet to learn.

Describe a typical day in your life? A typical day in my life involves a balance of a 9-5 job, with lots of day dreaming about pretty things. My evenings and weekends involve lots of hard work ,invoices, menu planning, emails, twitter, my Facebook page and tea party planning and tea parties.

What are your plans for the future? My plans for the future are to become 100% self employed, give up the day job and offer mobile vintage tea parties plus tea parties in my own fabulous tea room in London *fingers crossed*

Vintage TeatimeIf you are searching for hen-do, baby shower or any other occasion inspiration, look no further than Vintage Teatime.