How homeopathy helped me to get pregnant

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I have mentioned that my journey to becoming a mother wasn't an easy one and even wrote a post about it during Baby Loss Awareness Week.

I have recently shared the other part of the story of how I used homeopathy to help me get pregnant with the Daily Mail, I know, of all places! But the opportunity arose and it is a subject that I am passionate about. If one woman reads it and decides to at least try an alternative therapy before going down the route of more medicalised procedures, then it would have been worth it. I'm not sure when/if they will run the article but what the hell it's about time I shared the story on MY blog!


After trying to conceive for a year, I was driving myself into a mild frenzy with many a day spent in tears (especially when Auntie Flo arrived) and feelings of sadness and anxiety rearing its head far too often. So as a believer in alternative therapies, it certainly was not a difficult decision to make when a friend suggested I try homeopathy.

On her recommendation I visited Cassie from Absolute Homeopathy. The initial consultation started with an in-depth 90 minute conversation where we discussed EVERYTHING.

With it being holistic you really need to be happy to discuss personal stuff, from how many times you have sex per week, to how you feel emotionally, mentally and physically, your menstrual cycle and the consistency of your CM (cervical mucus - for those of you who don’t know. It is the holy grail of fertility planning, seriously Google it).

Although I appreciate traditional medicine, I do love the holistic nature of alternative therapies vs the simple cause and effect approach. These sessions became a kind of therapy for me. Where I had to hold it together in every other part of my life, this was a sanctuary where I could completely let my guard down.

Cassie helped me to understand the rhythm of my cycle. I naively thought that you could get pregnant at anytime, so it was an education for me to learn that in fact there is a small fertility window each month, so maximising this time is super important. Also diet and stress play a part too. Believe me, from checking my basal temperature every morning right through to the ovulation sticks; when you are 'actively' trying for a baby, it can get all very scientific.

We would meet every 6 weeks or so to catch-up on how things were going and to discuss my last cycle. I would then be prescribed homeopathic remedies to help get the balance just right and my body in tip-top fertility shape.

I envied those ladies who decided they wanted a baby and were able to make it happen, just like that. And for those who say just sit back and relax and ‘don’t try’, well I tried that and it didn’t work.




Yoga (especially Bikram yoga, I nickname it fertility yoga)

Healthy living which included a GI diet

Cycle charting (incl ovulation sticks, basal temperature)

An app such as Fertility Friend to help with the cycle charting 

Homeopathy definitely helped to balance my system. Having been on the pill from the age of 17 desperately trying not to get pregnant, I suddenly found myself off the pill and desperately trying to fall pregnant. A weird irony that so many us experience.

I managed to fall pregnant 3 months after starting homeopathy and again 2 months later, both of which sadly ended in miscarriage. The 3rd pregnancy a few months later was thankfully ok and I truly believe that the remedies I took in the early stages is the reason we now have the most wonderfully, amazing little girl!

I’m not saying that homeopathy is a miracle cure but it worked for me and is at least worth a shot before trying more invasive forms of fertility treatment.

I know trying to conceive can be a f*****g difficult time. If you have any questions about my story or my experience with homeopathy please don't hesitate to reach out via the comments below, email or otherwise.

Love & Light