Ibiza: Holiday Uncovered

I have been a bad blogger, I have been back from Ibiza about 2 weeks now and have only just got back to anything that even resembles a routine, so apologies for the lack of posts. The title of this post may be alluding to 'that' programme which everyone remembers but believe me my holiday was not like that at all!

Ibiza was wicked, a good mix of partying and relaxation, it was exactly what I needed and I loved every single minute of it. Ibiza is quite a spiritual place, don't laugh, it really is.

There were two stand-out moments for me, firstly one night a few of us decided to take a wander around the Old Town. The Old Town is a very hilly area and at the top is the the 'Our Lady of the Snows' cathedral which dates back to the 13th century!

We decided to try and make our way to the top, and after going off the beaten track and ending up in some places where we weren't meant to be, we eventually made it. Being up there at midnight and looking down at this beauty of an island was wonderful.

The second was going to see the sunset, we went for a drink at the famous Cafe del mar beforehand and once the sun started to do its thing we moved and sat on the steps leading to the beach-front. Seeing the sundown was amazing and a very spiritual experience for me, I said a little prayer of gratitude, appreciation and hope for future. I was channelling positive energy into my sacral chakra galore!

We did one closing party whilst out there, Cream at Amnesia which was crazy, the awesome Calvin Harris played the headline set, I've never been to a club so big and busy in my life. We also had a big night out in Playa 'D' Bossa in one of the beach bars.

We were staying by the Marina about 10 minutes from the Old Town so days were spent at Talamanca beach. It was a nice quiet local beach, perfect conditions for me to use my new Kindle. The evenings (when not partying) were filled with lovely dinners, good wine, people watching, sight-seeing and the best profiteroles ever.

Any preconceived ideas you have of Ibiza I guarantee you they are wrong, there really is something for everyone. From the hardcore party people to families and also those seeking a bit of Zen time.

Luckily the holiday blues weren't too bad as thankfully the Mr is taking me away in a couple of months! I so LOVE a holiday.

X x