Living Together So as you all know things are going to be changing in the Belle Noir household. We live in a flat, it's got 2 bedrooms but isn't the biggest and both of us have a lot of stuff. The nesting bug hasn't quite kicked in with me but I do have plans to adapt the flat to accommodate said little person.

All of the advice I've had from friends with babies is not to buy too much. So I'm streamlining our purchases to the basics, also we don't have a whole lot of space so we have no choice.

This video got me thinking about life changing. When you meet a partner you naturally change your habits to incorporate that person into your life. Changing your home life is an inevitable part of that, some couples do it earlier than others but it is a big step that we all embark on at some stage.

The Mr and I were living together before we got married so we got to know each other very well before the big day, all the good and not so good habits. However, for a variety of reasons many people choose not to live together before marriage. In a way I kind of envy the newness these couples experience doing it this way, it wasn't for me, I wanted to know what I was getting into but each to their own I say!

Welcoming someone into your home is the ultimate in welcoming them into your life. It is your routine, from the little things like what you like to eat, household budgeting, TV habits, it's the nitty-gritty which is sometimes boring but is all part of life.

For me this video evoked all of those emotions about combining your life with someone and truly becoming a couple and a unit. Sometimes these are the most intimate moments and not what happens between the sheets as we are often led to believe. It's first thing in the morning, looking after each other when ill, waking up together everyday. And ultimately it is all about compromise.

So as we begin to incorporate little fella/lady into our lives, our home needs to be sorted out. I can't wait to get organising. As we have limited space for us it is all about storage solutions. Creating more space, having places to put the stuff we already have and all the new stuff we are going to need. It is all about adapting and changing our home from one for just the two of us to one for the three of us. Aww!!!


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