Marie Claire & D&G - video in print

Marie Claire magazine is my favourite fashion glossie and I received my October edition a couple of weeks ago. I have been subscribing  for the last 5 years but this edition felt different to the others. It arrived in a paper envelope instead of the normal cellophane packaging and it seemed thicker. I put that down to it being the Autumn edition which is always a bumper one across all magazines. So I started flicking through the opening pages and came across the ad for D&G perfume, lo and behold there was a video in it. I kid you not, a mini video screen lit up and a video started playing. Amazing! I have never seen anything like it.

I've created this video to show you what it looks like:

My marketing head got me thinking about the cost and the actual value of it.

All this blogging is turning me into a real geek. I love all things social media and digital marketing related and this video in print advertisement 100% has the wow factor. D&G and Marie Claire both get top marks for innovation so it definitely goes a long way to help with brand awareness and perception. It really shows how quickly things are moving and how print magazines are trying hard to work with the digital world and evolve and respond to consumers ever-increasing demands to be delighted and surprised.

I wonder if we'll be seeing more of this kind of thing in the future?