Mascara obsession...

What's you thing? Without a doubt mine is mascara, big gorgeous long fluttery lashes, I just can't live without them! Big lashes are hot at the moment and everyone seems to be rocking them, I LOVE them! And even if you don't in 'normal' life, I know lots of brides-to-be consider lash extensions for their weddings, I certainly did.  The benefit of false lashes is the full thickness they give, therefore making your eyes look super pretty and photographing incredibly well. I am lucky enough to have been blessed with fairly long lashes, but despite this I can't help but constantly embark on a pursuit to make them longer, thicker, darker and glossier. I have tried lots of different mascaras and none of them have really stood out. Some of my favourites are MAC Zoom Lash, YSL and Benefit Bad Gal. MAC False Lash is my current mascara of choice and although like it, I'm not 100% sure I would buy it again. I'm just not in love with it.

I've had eyelash extensions in the past and although I love the look and effect they give, they do damage my lashes and inevitably end up taking some of my own lashes with them as they fall out. I've never really got on with strip lashes but have vowed to keep preserving with them, any tips very welcome!

 Last month a ‘revolutionary’ new mascara was launched by the Australian brand Models Co with heavy endorsement from the lovely Danni Minogue. The mascara uses 2 products one extension and the other lash fibres. The idea is to create long voluminous eyelashes by applying lash fibres which are then coated to apparently give 'false-looking, luscious lashes'. I am so sold!!! At £35 it is a tad more expensive than my usual mascaras, but this isn't for everyday use (she says), if it works then this will be an alternative to having actual false lashes applied.

I'll be purchasing the mascara this week and so will share with you know how it fares. I am willing this to work, we'll see!

BelleNoirBride X x