Mother's Day - a belated post

Mother's Day  

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I almost ditched this post for obvious reasons but as I was browsing I came across it and the words meant too much to me not to share. So a week late here is the Mother's Day post which I wrote 10 days ago but for some unknown reason didn't post!

As a mum-to-be this Mother's Day is quite a moment for me. This time last year was a really really hard day. We'd been trying for a year and it honestly felt like it was never going to happen. To add to that pain we had miscarried only weeks earlier.

Mother's Day is often a really challenging day for many whether it is because they are estranged from their mother or she has passed away or for those who desperately want to be a mum. This post is dedicated to these women. During times of celebration it is easy to forget that it is actually quite difficult for some.

If you are on a difficult journey, my thoughts are with you, keep your head up, there is light and peace at the end of the tunnel no matter what form it might take.

With love X x