Natural hair: Errol Douglas - a review

Transitioners journey

Last November I hot footed it down to the Errol Douglas Salon in Knightsbridge to have my tresses tended to. Those of you who follow this blog will know that I am currently transitioning my hair . My last relaxer was in October 2011 and I now have more natural hair than relaxed, yay! But I have been holding onto those relaxed ends which means that my hair can be a hot mess and extra difficult to handle.

I booked an appointment to see the Afro stylist, Scott. He was lovely and personable and made you feel like you'd known him forever. I wanted to challenge him, so having had my hair in a two-strand twist all week I literally took it out the night before and left it. Not even a comb had passed through this hair. I figured if I am really going to judge their skills, why make it easy?

I'm pleased to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Scott and I talked through what I currently do with my hair, the products I use and what I wanted from the appointment. The salon use Keracare and Moroccan oil and although they were recommended there was no hard sell. Two juniors took on the mammoth task of detangling my hair which now resembled a bird's nest, they washed it and this was then followed by a much-needed moisturising treatment.

Soon enough I was back in Scott's hands where he trimmed my hair. I really appreciated that he didn't pressure me into chopping off all of the relaxed ends in the way that other hairdressers have tried to do. Instead, he was totally comfortable with leaving them until I was ready.

I decided to have my hair styled straight, I usually stay away from heat and tend to let my hair air-dry, so it was a nice change. After applying a heat protector, my hair was blown out and then straighteners used to get a smooth finish. I was really happy with the result and the overall experience, my hair felt so thick and healthy and the straight hair lasted a good week.

I know you are thinking where are the damn pictures, I was feeling really unwell read *very early pregnancy headache and morning sickness* that day, so alas pics were the last thing on my mind. However, I am now an Errol Douglas convert so I will be going back tomorrow for my Spring appointment, where I will be taking photos and cutting off my relaxed ends. I can't wait!

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