New beauty box for women of colour: Pamper Secrets


If you are a beauty buff you'll be aware of the phenomena that is beauty boxes. I first started to see them emerge into the market about a year ago and slowly but surely a few have popped up over this time.

Beauty boxes are based on a monthly subscription model whereby in return for a monthly fee you receive an array of beauty treats through your door.

Although I haven't signed up for a beauty box myself, I have to say that the thought of regular new products making their way directly to me every month  does appeal, and I have been tempted.

I was very pleasantly surprised that a new beauty box aimed at women of colour is launching this week on Thursday, 1 March.

Pamper secrets is the UK's first ever beauty box of this kind. It will operate on an invitation only basis and every month subscribers will receive hair, skin care and make-up beauty samples.

This could be a great answer for brides-to-be wanting to experiment with new products in preparation for their big day.

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