Where to buy your wedding & engagement rings?

Enjoy shopping for your ring, it's all part of the wedding excitement, remember when the wedding is all over, all you are left with is the memories, the photos, the rings and each other!

There are many places where you could choose to look for your ring, here are just a few ideas to get you started...

Hatton Garden: If you are in London you'll find this street nestled between Holborn and Farringdon, with more jewellers crammed into one street than you can ever imagine. It's a good place to be, with a huge selection of new and old rings.

Birmingham Jewellery Quarter: The Midlands answer to Hatton Gardens; there are good deals to be had, and being up North your money is likely to go further than it would in London.

On the High Street: From Ernest Jones to Goldsmiths and Fraser Hart, there are a whole array of High Street jewellers to choose from. You can find some gorgeous rings and it makes it easier for an indecisive groom. I've known men to buy 2 rings, just in case his lady doesn't like one of them he can present her with an alternative!

Go Vintage: If you want a ring with a bit of heritage and history, a vintage ring is for you. You can get these from vintage and antique jewellers, also consider visiting an Auction House.

Get it made: If you have an idea of what you'd like in your head but can't seem to find it, you should consider getting it made. There are lots of jewellers who will be able to interpret your ideas and the result will be a completely bespoke ring!

BelleNoirBride Tip - When buying your engagement ring think about what wedding ring you might like, and what ring if any will sit well with it. There were so many rings that I liked, and although they were perfect on their own, they would not have looked so good with another ring.