Planning guides: A schedule for your wedding day

Image Source: via Pinterest


I know it sounds boring especially if you aren't a natural planner but I promise you putting together a rough schedule for your day will really help.

It's worth spending 30 minutes early on in your wedding planning journey to sketch out what the day is going to look like, with timings. Initially, it only needs to have the big things on it i.e. the ceremony start time and length, where and when you'll be taking photos, travel time between venues, drinks reception, what time you'll want to serve dinner, evening guests arrival, and what time the evening finishes.

You can fine tune it all when you speak to your suppliers, but having these up front will help to ensure you don't run out of time on the day, or have too much time on your hands.


  • Are you are having your ceremony and reception in separate venues? If yes, you will need to factor in additional travel time. Practise the route, time it and account for traffic delays. Remember to consider what is planned locally on your wedding day, any sporting events, fairs or religious festivals which could lead to extra cars on the roads.
  • Consider where your photos are going to be taken? If you need to make an additional stop for photo taking at a park or nearby beauty spot, this needs to be factored in.
  • In booking your ceremony, think about what Once you have your ceremony time, work your way back and consider how much time you need to get ready.
  • Be generous in the amount of time you give yourself and your wedding party to get ready, you don't want to be feeling rushed on the morning of your wedding.
  • Before confirming your timings, go through the wedding schedule with your suppliers. They are the professionals and will confirm what is achievable, for example your photographer will be able to tell you whether the 30 minutes you have allocated is enough time to get the type and number of pictures you want.
  • Be generous when allocating time. Things often take longer than you think they will. Don't underestimate the time needed to move guests from one location to another.
  • Once it's confirmed share the schedule with your wedding party so they know what is happening and when, they'll be able to help keep things on track.