Real bride diary - Introducing Nova

When I was a bride-to-be I loved hearing stories of other brides planning their weddings, so I was really pleased when the lovely Nova of  Nu Bride agreed to be the first real bride to share her story on BelleNoirBride. Nova is getting married to David in November and will provide us with regular updates on how she is getting on.

Without further ado...Nova it is over to you...

A big warm friendly hello! Thank you so much for having me Nicola. :o)

Where do I begin? My name is Nova (when I am not under my disguise as Nu Bride) and I have been engaged to my fiancé, David for just 3 months and still very much in a euphoric bubble.

David and I have been together for just over 5 and a half years now and were friends for several years before, so there were lots of 'whoops' and yells of "about time" when we announced our engagement to friends and family!

You can only imagine my excitement after years of anticipation when he decided to propose (following a delicious meal at the Oxo Tower). The proposal took place on an autumn November night during a serene romantic walk, with trees adorned with fairy lights along the London embankment (one of my favourite places). One of those rare romantic moments that literally did take my breath away! ;o) And every time I share the moment with friends and family, I re-live it all over again!

So far I have been embracing the entire process - for the most part remembering to take moments to enjoy being 'engaged' rather then getting overwhelmed by the planning process. We have decided to plan our own wedding and have been full steam ahead and very much enjoying it. We have generally been making decisions together (apart from the flowers which my Fiancé has ZERO interest in!), which has been lovely. I am very lucky - I also come from a very creative family (brother is an illustrator and his gorgeous lady is fabulous with handmade arts and crafts) so lots of people have been taking a keen interest with colours and ideas and helping me when I am being indecisive (which is often) and giving me lots of new ideas. My talented mother also happens to make beautiful cakes - so that's our wedding cake sorted already!

We have opted for an elegant and intimate wedding and have already ticked off the venue, the photographer, florist, videographer, DJ, entertainment (almost) and dress. Phew! In addition to the venue, the photographer was an important choice for us as David does a lot of photography himself (so as a result he was incredibly fussy with the decision-making and it took forever! Yawn), but we are confident we chose someone who can capture wonderful moments of our day beautifully and we are very much looking forward to our engagement shoot coming up!

I don't know about you guys, but I am hooked already! Look out for more from Nova later this month.