Real Bride Diary: Nova

Here's the second instalment from our resident Real Bride, Nova, where she shares her search for the all important dress!

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With anticipation and excitement at the thought of my first dress shopping appointment and spending the day with my gorgeous mum and maid of honour I could barely contain myself and therefore no sleep was had. Armed with advice to go in with an open mind and to wear a strapless bra from one of my married friends, I was happy to try on every dress in the shop. Even though some of them looked hideous on the hanger...

I tried on a beautiful Sassi Holford gown and after being stuffed full of towels so the dress would fit, I jumped up and down like a little school girl, giddy with excitement. As I looked at myself in the mirror my stomach did a somersault and realisation hit - Oh my god - I am actually getting married!

I must stress - I was open to try on anything, except a veil. Ghastly pointless bits of overpriced fish netting, or so I thought....

30 mins in, we selected a stunning dress and I appeared out of the dressing room to gasps from mum and my maid of honour, Claire (who I like to refer to as Maidy). Then Mum harps on at me to try it with a veil - to my annoyance; given that my Mum already knew my distain towards veils. Me: "No Mum. I don't like them". Mum: "Go on, just try it on for me".... Big fat sigh, I immediately did as I was told (Mum's seem to have this hold over us), and I tried on a floor length veil with a scattering of delicate Swarovski crystals...and lo and behold after all that protesting I loved it...Boy did I feel like an idiot.... somehow the veil seemed to finish off the dress! The ghastly fishing netting was suddenly gorgeous!

So lesson learned - go with an open mind ladies, what you 'think' you don't want or don't like will all change!!!

By now I had narrowed it down 2 dresses! And a week passed until the third wedding dress shop visit.  I went on a Saturday this time (mistake) the shop was full to the brim with at least 10 other brides and no personal service, not even an ounce.

Advice: - If Saturday appointments are your preference and you don’t mind sharing, do call to store ahead, to check the amount of brides that will be seen at the same time as you...some other stores have a policy where they don't allow more than 2-3 brides and their guests in at any one time, which is much more friendly. Lesson learnt ladies. Lesson Learnt.

I naively thought that wedding dress shopping would be so easy -WRONG! Every dress I had narrowed down - wasn’t quite right, I wanted to change something or add something to the design.

Fast forward to my 4th and 5th wedding dress visits and it was all becoming a bit of a blur -  it became tedious seeing lots of variations of the same dresses and same designers. Slightly underwhelmed and disheartened with my tail between my legs I was ready to admit defeat and walk down the aisle in a bin liner.

Then came my 6th wedding dress appointment at Beautiful BOA Boutique, everything about it was just wonderful, from service, down the dress choice, down to the designers, down to the dress! The dress was picked out by one of the consultants, that I would probably have ignored. I kept gravitating towards to a certain type of dress, what I thought would look good on me. In the world of wedding dresses, this is not the case! MY best source of advice would be to go with an open mind and don't dismiss anything on the hanger. They transform when you put them on. Take your time and don't be afraid to go against the grain! So now I have my dress!!!!!

Read more about Nova's wedding dress experience at Beautiful BOA Boutique on her blog.

Thanks Nova, we look forward to seeing what you get up to next month.