Real bride diary: Nova

Here's the latest installment from our resident bride-to-be Nova aka Nu Bride...

                                                         Image Source: via Pinterest


A big hello BNB readers! March / April should have been a month of spring cleaning for me, but alas, it has been a busy time full of wedding planning, so that’s my excuse for the lack of domestic activities and I am sticking to it!

It is definitely the season for wedding shows and I have been to about 6 now. Mostly local, some further afield like the Luxury Wedding Show at Grosvenor House, which was a particular favourite.

It’s really nice to connect with local family businesses and a good chance to pick up any show discounts on offer. Always worth a visit, just to see what else is out there beyond the internet / magazines. Word of warning though: create a designated wedding email address - you will get bombarded with “it was so lovely to meet you at the wedding show” type emails - even if you never met with half of the suppliers they still manage to get your details.

I have never been a fan of traditional looking wedding shoes and have decided to have my shoes made. Exciting! I met with my shoe designer; Anna Kichenside, to go over design ideas and have been to Silk Society in London Soho for shoe material inspiration – with such a beautiful selection of materials - anything goes!

My fiancé is a great shopper, better and much more patient than me actually (I know, I am extremely lucky!) and he has been taking me around some of the finest shoe departments in Harrods, Harvey Nicks and Selfridges to get design ideas: Boy do I have some inspiration!

The prototype is being designed as I type, so I’ll update you on that next time. All I will say is that I went against the majority view and went with my heart and decided on a gorgeous satin crepe material in my favourite colour - red!

We have also started our wedding ring hunt. (I told you it’s been busy!) Another minefield. In my mind I thought I would be quite happy with a clean, plain & cost-effective wedding band that would be pretty simple to source… and then I saw the diamonds. Oh dear….

On the other hand (no pun intended) my fiancé has gone from wanting a plain platinum band, to rose gold, to a black rhodium (!!) to palladium with diamonds, to not wanting to wear one at all! Well as you can imagine the latter doesn’t sit well with me. Hmmm…I am working my persuasive magic on my fiancé, I will update you on my progress in the next post!