Real bride diary: Nova

Image Source via Pinterest

Shoes glorious shoes!

As promised here is one of the last few instalments from our real bride, Nova. Tick Tock, we are nearly there people! Over to you Nova. 

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a special love for shoes. If I could shop for shoes all day everyday I would.

Early on in my wedding planning it was suggested to me by my big bro (in the creative industry) to get my wedding shoes made by a shoe designer that he knows. It didn't take long for me to be sold on that idea.

Not quite sure what I wanted, my shoe designer recommended that I look in shoe and fabric stores to find inspiration.

Strolling around the shoe galleries in Selfridges looking for inspiration, shoe heaven in Harrods and Harvey Nicks, admiring all the red soled Christian Louboutin beauties and glistening Jimmy Choo delights. Like a child in a candy store! I'm pretty sure I racked up several hundred hours equating to days strolling around those aisles! ANY excuse for some shoe appreciation!

With images of inspiration galore, one Wednesday afternoon with one of my dear male friends we trotted along to Silk Society in Soho, London looking for fabric. The word overwhelming did not even come close! Who knew so much material existed, and then all the trimmings!! There were quite a few brides-to-be in there at the time looking at fabrics to have a bespoke gown made.

I always knew that I did not want a traditional ivory satin type wedding shoe, if I did I would have just picked one-off the shelf. I didn't quite know what I wanted (which let me tell you is INCREDIBLY unhelpful! ) but I knew I wanted something you don't see in all the stores, something that complements my dress and most importantly something I will wear again.

After going through hundreds of images of inspiration (thank the Lord for Pinterest), the fabric was purchased. I decided on satin, crinoline and some sparkly bits and then it was time to go back to my shoe designer to make a mock-up of the design we eventually chose! Exciting!