Real bride diary: Nova

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Having filled these pages with entertaining stories from her wedding planning over the last 9 months I cannot believe this is Nova's final post!  For the last time... over to you Nova. 

Suits you So finally we decided to tackle suit shopping for the groomsmen (not sure if I mentioned that Mr Nu Bride) got his suit in super quick laid-back man shopping style from Hackett... and boy does he look handsome in it! It's rather unfair that the girls get to see the guys in their wedding clad prior to the day isn't it!

So now it was time to smarten the rest of the clan up. Boy was that a challenge, I was expecting it to be a walk in the park after such a painless experience bridesmaid shopping. Wrong. Headache!!

When researching suits there didn't seem to be a huge amount of choice with hire options so in the end we decided to go for Moss Bross. Our first visit did not go too smoothly shall we say, but with some persuasion from moi we persevered.

For the next visit we got the groomsmen down one Saturday to get measured up and try on a few styles. Cue changing room curtain opening with very worried looking groomsmen...oh dear...with the boys donning their suits, disappointed did not even come close.

Mr Nu Bride kept repeating "No, just no" The guys looked like they were wearing sacks with sleeves. It didn't take us long to realise that we were not going to get what we were looking for and that coupled with the hire charge and the hefty deposit per suit it just did not seem logical. Even a sales assistant in store recommended purchasing over hiring!

We then abandoned ship and hit the high street. To match the feel of our wedding we knew we wanted something modern, tailored and slim fitting. Eventually we descended on Zara and got some decent fitted suits which everyone seemed to be happy with! And the bonus is they will double up as gifts for the guys to keep and wear again.

During the search for suits we found it really disappointing that all of the hire stores we tried, offered the same type of suit, the same colours, traditional top and tail morning suits. Great. But what about choice and variety for the more modern man without a Saville Row budget? Another gap in the market? Maybe. But for now Zara filled it for us.  ;)

And tomorrow is W-day, the lovely Nova and David are getting married in the morning...

I would like to say a huge congratulations to them both and I hope they have the most wonderful day! I'd also like to say a big thank-you to Nova for sharing her journey with us, it has been fabulous to hear about the preparations for her big day. And that won't be the last we hear from Nova as she will also be sharing her wedding pics. Eeek I cannot wait to see them!

So there is now a vacancy for the post of 'BelleNoirBride Real Bride'... if you are getting married next year and would like to share your story get in touch, email, tweet or facebook me.