Renewing your wedding vows...

Being at the Brides of Culture wedding exhibition on Saturday, got me thinking about my wedding all over again, and I joked with someone I met that I would have to renew my vows as I enjoyed it so much and would love to do it all again...with the same man of course!

However, I'm honestly not sure how I feel about weddings renewals...

While we were on honeymoon in Thailand we met a couple who had renewed their vows on the same day we got married and followed it with a honeymoon style holiday. Their reason being they didn't get to do it 'properly' the first time round. Now that their daughters have grown up and they are in a financially comfortable position, they decided to have the wedding they had always wanted.

I suggested it to my Mum the other day. She has been married to my Dad for 33 years but she thinks renewing their vows would jinx it in some way, and is of the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' camp.

And then you've got Heidi Klum & Seal who renew their vows every year to celebrate their wedding anniversary...which is slightly extreme to say the least, but each to their own.

I'm undecided, although to be fair the Mr wouldn't entertain the idea for at least 50 years, and even then I think I'd have to twist his arm!

What are your thoughts and is renewing your vows now or in the future part of you plan?

Source: via Pinterest