Some news...

Some news...

So I have news!!!! I write this post while about 30,000 feet above land on my way to the sunny isles of Mexico for a much needed holiday. But I feel it is going to take a good few weeks and a whole lot more editing before I feel brave enough to post it.

Many of you who know me will know about the turbulent year that was 2012, and although I have alluded to it on the blog I have never gone into the specifics of it, and now that I finally have some good news to share I now feel ready to share the other stuff too.

Ideally I would have liked to have written and posted this on New Year's Day, and then when I got back from Mexico but we decided to keep it a secret a little longer only sharing the news with friends and family but anyways...Mr BelleNoir and I are expecting a baby!!! Wow there, I've said it.

Just writing those words draws out a mish-mash of emotion, overriding happiness, gratitude, nerves, anxiety, hope - the lot. All made that little bit more poignant because last year I suffered from 2 miscarriages. I have a post already written about that which I will publish in due course but for now it is time to focus on the positive.

I never hid my desire to be a mum, it has always been one of my greatest hopes and the fact the journey was so tortuous made it all that much harder to bear. However, not for a minute do I think that I am so hard done by, I am thankful as I know that many other women are on a journey far harder than mine was and my thoughts and prayers are with them. When put into perspective, shit happens and that is how I choose to see my experiences along with my belief in God and everything happening for a reason.

So I apologise in advance if things get all a bit 'baby' around here. I always said that this blog would be a journey through life, style and love that didn't just stop with a wedding, so there will probably be a few 'BelleNoirBaby' posts popping up here and there. Even if it is merely to diarise my pregnancy journey for memories sake and for those of you who might be interested in having a read.

I am so thankful and feel awesomely blessed that I am finally getting to share this news with you. I still can't quite believe that I am able to do so and I feel so very privileged to be in this position

So there it is, the next stage of the journey begins. X x

p.s - As you've probably guessed the above pic has absolutely nothing to do with this blog post other than that this is my orchid which I have nursed back to beauty and is currently taking pride of place on my kitchen window sill : )