The Nails Show

Nail art has had a bit of a resurgence recently going from a little bit gaudy to downright stylish. Due in part to brands such as WAH Nails as well as all the different products on the market which allow you to create different effects and make a real statement with your nails.

If you've been bitten by the nail bug you might want to do something a little bit different for your wedding day, it's nice to step away from the traditional french manicure or at least jazz it up with some nail art.

I love wearing nail varnish day-to-day as it makes me feel more 'finished' and I'm personally loving wearing alternate colours on each nail.

On the back of this growing trend, The Nail Show launches on Saturday, 18 August at CARGO, Shoreditch EC2 3AY. If you are interested in nails, enjoy taking care of them or simply having fun with your nails then you'll enjoy the Nails Show.

There will be lots going on and you can enjoy FREE nail art work shops, give-aways,and the chance to buy the newest most innovative products on the market. There will also be a polish swaps stand where you can bring unused and unwanted nail polishes to exchange for one you like. This would be perfect for me I have so many nail varnishes which I don't use. You'll be able to get your nails done using a variety of the hottest nail trends, and there will be a complimentary goody bag.

Tickets are £10 and you can purchase them here

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