The next chapter for Belle Noir Loves

This blog has always been a journey through my life, so not surprisingly it has seen a good few iterations and changes over the years.

I started it in 2011 following my own wedding. In response to the lack of representation in the magazines and blogs of the time. I vowed to start something I would have valued during my planning.

Fast forward a few years and life was taken over by fertility troubles and a truly hard time.

 Yet at the end of the most difficult year, we were blessed with a pregnancy that stuck.  And in June 2013 the most beautiful little girl came into our lives.

Maternity leave brought a year of hazy, sleep-deprived and caffeine fuelled moments filled with love and cuddles. This was then followed by an even hazier and sleep deprived transition to being a working mum. A life re-evaluation saw a foray into a portfolio career with freelance clients and a day job, then a new job and a seed of business idea.

Which brings us to today.

You will have noticed the theme of the blog posts have been changing of late. Influenced by my newfound interests, entrepreneurial endeavours and spiritual reasonings.

So you guessed it, it's time for BelleNoirLoves to change her clothes metaphorically and literally.

The posts that have resonated with you the most are the ones about business and balance. I know so many women who are determined to live life rather than let life live us.

And this.

This is my passion and it excites me beyond belief.

My mantra has always been to 'Enjoy the Journey' and this is it on steroids.

Lovingly curating the hell out of life. Less hoping and more hustling.

From work, relationships, home, marriage and motherhood. Embracing life's adventures. Do you catch my drift? I hope so!

So here I will share the inspiring ideas and motivational musings I come across as well as my entrepreneurial journey. Still blogging my happily ever after but making it more focussed. Less drifting, more doing.

The existing wedding content will remain as it is some of most popular pages. And I continue to invite people to share their wedding days with me, as well as creating posts where it feels right.

If you are after wedding advice and a place to go where diversity in the wedding industry is being championed then please hop on over to Nubride. Nova is my blogging bestie, having met through our respective blogs we have bonded over the years and she is truly rocking it like a boss over there.

I am working my little butt off on le business and have finally given it a deadline and a date.

31st July is launch day...eek there I have said it.

It's now out there in the universe, so must happen...right!?!

And in a slight read *big* development I decided to change the name and the website platform, so it is now calledThe Social Stylistand hosted on Squarespace but more on that in a later post. There are also some other plans underway for this blog. Watch this space!

So if you fancy coming along for the ride, I warn you sometimes it might be a bit rough and ready, then I would absolutely LOVE for you to join me.

So raise a drink to taking control of happiness and living a life we love.

Gin and Prosecco are favoured but with a beautifully demanding toddler in the house, a cup of tea that is actually still hot will do.

Love & Light

X x