Using technology to help plan your wedding

Image Source: via WeHeartit

Technology is there to make all of our lives a whole lot easier and when it comes to wedding planning it really does come into its own. Inspiration is now even easier and cheaper to find. As we no longer have to spend a small fortune on wedding magazines to see pretty pics and fab ideas for our big days.

Here are 10 on-line resources I have come across to help you with your wedding planning:

1) Pinterest - It's getting so much press at the moment and I can see why, I have been a Pinterest faithful for about 6 months and it is awesome. The ability to collate and search for your favourite images, means that it is an never-ending resource for visual ideas. An electronic mood-board at its best. Take a look at the BelleNoirBride Pinterest.

2) Blogs are a brilliant source of inspiration, ideas and advice. Bloglovin is a really good way to collate all of your favourites, and easily see what the latest posts are. You can also opt into receiving a daily email with the latest posts. Check out BelleNoirBride on Bloglovin.

3) The Coast Wedding Guide - This recently launched and if you are planning to buy your bridesmaid or wedding dress from Coast this is definitely one for you.

4) Check out this fantastic post by the lovely Elizabeth of Bridal Musings.  Packed with lots of ideas for creating wedding inspiration boards online.

5) Create a wedding website - It's a great way to communicate any additional information your guests might need, and you can also give them the option to RSVP via the website. It might be fun to get your guests to contribute to your reception music list by sending you their requests through the site.  

6) The 'Notes' apps on your smartphone - Good for updating the seemingly never-ending to do list, especially when you are out and about.

7) Google docs - Help with planning your wedding a la Google, this is soo helpful. I found the Budget Planner, Seating Chart and the Guest List invaluable.

8) There is an app for everything and wedding planning is no exception. Check out this article on iPhone apps.

9) E-invitations - If you are thinking of going down the e-invite route, definitely check out Paperless Post. They have the most adorable collection of 'paperless' invitations and a really easy to use website. They are a delight to receive, and very cost-effective so worth checking out.

10) On-line gift list - Setting up your gift list on-line, makes it easy for you and your guests, whether it is a department store or holiday vouchers that you would like people to give you.

Are you planning to use any of these, or do you have any to add? Let me know by leaving a comment below.