My wedding report: Waiting to Engage...

I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to choose my ring. The Mr knew better than to try and select one for me. Although, of course I would have loved anything he'd brought me (...I think) but as it's something I am going to wear for the rest of life I sure as hell wanted to choose it!

The Mr proposed with a princess ring from Claire's Accessories (I know it sounds cheesy but believe it or not it does have a special meaning for us!). We were by Lake Pallanza, Italy when he popped the question and then told me that when we got home I could choose a ring, woop woop!

Now I understand that this breaks with tradition and there are many of you who would prefer your other half to choose the ring and that is fine, I can completely understand the meaning and beauty in wearing something which he has carefully selected. I'm just sharing my experience.

Although I had always hoped I would get married, I had never really thought about any of the details and that included the ring, so with no preconceived ideas, I was totally open to all designs, styles and settings. In the end I went for an art-deco style, and it was created for me from a combination of styles I'd seen around the way.

If you are choosing your own ring I would recommend you take some time to try on lots of different styles, it's funny how once you've got the ring on your finger, it either suits your hand or it doesn't! There were lots of rings which I liked in the window but on my hand some of them looked plain wrong.

Forget tradition when it comes to your engagement ring. I like diamonds but there are some coloured stones, gems and moulded bands which make beautiful engagement rings.

I adore my ring and I really do glance at it lovingly every single day, whilst silently thanking the Mr for buying me something so gorgeous. So now it's your turn, I'd love to hear your engagement ring stories!

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