Wedding planning: The wedding video

I love it when you guys interact with me and tell me what you would like to see on these doily glad pages. After all BelleNoirBride is here to help you with you wedding planning journey and your feedback is integral to making this happen.

I have been asked to do a post on wedding videos by a bride-to-be who will be gracing these pages very soon - watch this space! In the meantime here is some advice when searching for a wedding videographer.

My top tips:

Look at the Videographer's website but don't take this as your research complete, instead when you make contact ask them to send you full videos they have produced.

Make sure you meet them, they'll be there for the most important day of your life, so it's important you feel comfortable around them.

Make sure they do a site visit. We arranged to meet our videographer at the venue which was helpful, this way they can see what they would be working with in terms of space and lighting etc. They were able to pre-plan shots and you can visually talk them through the plans for the day.

Think about how many camera people you want to have, we ended up going for 2 so that we were able to get a greater range of shots. We wanted the video to be mainly of our guests rather than just us, and having 2 cameras enabled us to get this. Although beware they are there for the day, and between them and the photographer, it can sometimes feel like the wedding paparazzi.

Put together a clear brief. Let them know what your expectations are, and what/who you want to be filmed. Especially if there any specific moments other than the obvious that you would like them to capture.

Give your videographer a copy of your day's schedule in advance.

Provide a list of your bridal party and other key important people so they know on the day who they definitely need to film. Also give them a key contact to liaise with should they have any questions.

Give your photographer and your videographer each others details and get them to talk before the day, so that they can discuss how they can work together. Unless you have loads of time for photos then they are going to vying for your attention and they need to work together on this.

Design a package that suits you, if you have a limited budget maybe look at not having them there for the getting ready scenes, or maybe they just cover the bride and not the groom. Also they can usually finish just after the party starts.

This goes without saying, but have a contract and make sure you read it properly.

I hope this is helpful!