Wedding Report - the invitations

I have a soft spot for stationery so searching for our wedding invitations was a real treat. I have a mild obsession with the artist Rob Ryan having discovered his work when he designed the cover of Stylist magazine. I loved it so much that I actually have it displayed on my desk at work and I have since been lucky enough to have been gifted my own paper-cut and other items.

When looking for wedding invitation inspiration I started with things I loved and knew that I wanted to do something Rob Ryan-esqe.

One morning while getting my daily dose of wedding porn over on the RockMyWedding blog I saw a feature on a small independent business called Hand Drawn Maps. The illustration style had a bit of a Rob Ryan flavour so I set about looking at the website and was  pleased to discover that the owner, Lydia, produced custom invitation designs.

I sent an email describing the kind of thing we wanted, thinking that it would be received with laughter. I had nothing to worry about,  Lydia was lovely and genuinely excited to receive such a brief. Emails flew back and forth until we settled on a 1 colour design.

Only 1 set of small amends were necessary as Lydia had done such an amazing job. We only needed the artwork service as a friend organised the printing for us, however, Lydia was still super helpful in advising what she thought would work, even going as far as to send us paper samples.

We chose to print the invitations on a pearlescent card and I went to Hobby craft to pick up matching envelopes to complete the look.

I was and still am so very pleased with the invitations, as one of the main aims was to create a piece of artwork. I wanted something that we would be able to put onto a canvas and display in our home, and that is exactly what we got. Two years on I still look at them and love them!

Invitations can be as big a part of your wedding as you want them to be. For some of you they are a simple formality and it is not an area you want invest time or money into. However, if they are important to you then my advice would be to use it as an opportunity to really get creative. I wanted our invitations to give people a taste of what to expect on the day and to inject our personality into it. Many people commented that they had never seen invitations like it before and that they were very us, mission accomplished!