Advice for 2012 brides (& the newly engaged)

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Enjoy the journey: I know I bang on about it, but seriously, although getting married is exciting and all, please don't forget to enjoy being engaged. You are going to be married forever but the engagement is a temporary state. Embrace the decisions, the occasion and even the stress. And remember if you need some advice or even a rant, you are always to welcome to comment here!

Ignore the magazine time-lines: It's good to be organised but you are best off ignoring the annoying time-lines that feature in the wedding magazines. They tell you that you should have done this, that and the other by a certain time and they will only panic you. Everyone's wedding is different and you run by your own schedule. As long as you can get everything done and you've done your research you will be A ok.

Write lists: If you have it written down in a list you won't forget it and it will get done.

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Delegate: Don't be scared to share the load and delegate. You can't do it all on your own and the sooner you realise that the better. Your friends and family are bound to want to help, and they're probably a talented bunch with different skills that you can utilise along the way.

Remember what it is all for: Just remember that this is all about the 2 of you, and at the end of it all you'll have are the memories and the marriage. Try not to forget that amongst the wedding euphoria/madness.

Happy New Year lovelies...

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